Funding Your Trademay Trading Account Made Easy!

Making your first deposit is quick, simple and easy! At Trademay we focused extra effort into ensuring that making deposits and withdrawal requests are absolutely effortless.We believe your peace of mind is our top priority and we take pride in how seamless and secure we’ve made the account funding process for you! Whether you’re depositing into your Trademay account for the first time, or topping up your balance, safety and security is guaranteed!

Make a Safe and Secure Deposit

We’re always looking for ways to maximise your account’s security, when your funds are safe, you have peace of mind and this cultivates a better trading decisions. With this in mind we have dedicated a number of our customer care team to walk with you step by step while you’re depositing funds into your Trademay trading account.

We are always trying to find new methods for investors to deposit funds into trading accounts. We know, this is far from any depositing method you’ve ever seen on any broker, but who said we want to be like others? We only want what’s best for you and for your funds’ security.

Our 4 Step Process for Depositing Your Funds into Your Trading Account:

Reach out to to us by directly calling one of our ready to hello advisors on +442037694187, contacting us via live chat, or by emailing us on


We’ll stay with you on the call as you’re making the deposit for you into your segregated and secured account


Within a few hours, we’ll inform you that your deposit has been processed and ready to be traded


Log in and trade
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