Withdrawing Made Easy

When you make an investment at Trademay, all investments you make are yours. We store all client funds in segregated bank accounts and never use your funds for company operations. What about your profits? Keep reading.

Withdraw Your Funds from Trademay

If your trading strategy has paid off and you’ve made profits, the money you have earned from trading the financial markets is all yours. You can choose to withdraw it or reinvest it. If you want to withdraw your profits, simply login to your Trademay account and make a withdrawal request.

Need to Withdraw?
No Issue!

When it comes to withdrawing your profits or your investment, we’re not the sort of brokerage firm that will stand in your way. As we’ve already said, this is your money, not ours. All client funds are stored in segregated bank accounts, and that’s done to ensure you receive your money when you need it most.

How Trademay Issues Withdrawals So Quickly


Make a withdrawal request via the easy
to use Trademay Client Area.


Our Back Office Team reviews your
request & alerts our Finance Team.


The Trademay Finance Team checks to see
that everything is okay, then sends your money.


You enjoy the riches of your success!
Good luck, you definitely deserve it!

Ensuring a Bigger Return on Your Investment

When you first opened your Trademay trading account, your Trademay Expert Trader called you and went through what your financial goals are. If your Expert sees that you’ve issued a withdrawal when it would be in your interests to keep the funds in your account so that you can benefit from various moves in the market, he or she will tell you. At Trademay, we make a small commission whenever you trade, but our interest isn’t in seeing you lose. The more you win, the higher the chance you’ll hit your financial goals. This is what we want for you!

Questions On How We Issue Withdrawals?

If you’ve got any questions about how we issue withdrawals or how you can make a deposit into your Trademay account, simply get in touch with our fantastic Customer Care Team. We say they’re “fantastic” because they really are. They also work around the clock, five days per week. Use our Live Chat feature on our website and one of our Customer Care agents will respond to you quickly.